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The quality of your life can be significantly improved by ensuring that you make time every day to keep active. Often you will meet people who can and do keep active and enjoy their life more because of their attention to this important aspect of living. Each week the Keeping You Active  

custom orthotics

Foot and Knee Problems? It Might be Custom Orthotics that You Need

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts specially designed for people experiencing severe foot problems. Their unique design is based on the result of the assessment of the patient’s gait, anatomy,  and the type of pain being experienced. Custom foot orthotics work by correcting the abnormal movement and position of foot and ankle joints. Furthermore, they help…

orthotics fabrication

Orthotics and Shoe Inserts: What you need to know about these foot treatment devices

Orthotics are medical devices that patients wear inside their shoes. A podiatrist often prescribes foot orthotics or foot orthoses to patients who have problems with how they stand, walk and run. Orthotic devices are also used to treat patients with foot pain caused by disorders such as arthritis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis and diabetes. Most people have foot and leg issues…