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Industry-Leading Thinnest, Lightest, Strongest Orthotics

To enjoy a pain-free active life style

Leading edge 3D printed custom orthotics
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    Our 3-Step Orthotic System

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    Biomechanical assessment and laser scan

    Biomechanical Assesment

    Dispense orthotics 7 to 10 days later

    About Us

    We can help you with custom orthotics today


    • Running style improved
    • Superior foot comfort allowing you to stand, walk, and run comfortably
    • Reduced ankle foot pain
    • New computerised ankle foot orthosis
    • Computer assisted design (CAD) custom orthotics


    • 3 D printed orthotics for flat feet
    • Assist in relieving pain in foot, ankle and leg
    • Improve balance by allowing your feet the necessary support to maintain a functionally correct position
    • Premium orthotic insoles
    • Custom made for plantar fasciitis inserts
    • 3D laser scanning for orthotic therapy
    • Conveniently located podiatrist centre near me
    • Most advanced arch support inserts.

    Get a pain free & fully engaged active life with new orthotics today.

    3D printed orthotics for flat feet

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    Our Podiatrists Who Create Orthotics

    DR Rob Herman Image 4

    Dr. Rob Hermann

    Dip. App. Sc (Pod)
    Podiatric Surgeon (registered specialist)
    Fellow Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons


    Ms. Melisa Sidhu

    Bsc (Hon), Podiatrist (BPod)

    Orthotics Semaphore

    191 Hart St Glanville SA 5015 Australia

    Orthotics Prospect

    115 Prospect Rd Prospect SA 5082  Australia

    It is the time to get back on your feet and enjoy a pain-free life.

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