Corns & calluses

Lesions formed of hard skin that usually cause pain when wearing shoes.

Corns & Calluses Blog

Cracked heels

Splits in the skin around the edge of the heel.

Cracked Heels Blog

Fungal nails

An infection of toenail by a fungus.

Fungal Nails Blog


Inflammation of a nerve causing pain in the toes and ball of the foot.

Neuromas Blog

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Foot and ankle pain and instability

Fatigue and pain that makes the foot or ankle unable to comfortably support the body.

Foot and ankle pain and instability Blog

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A break in a bone of the foot or ankle.

Fractures Blog

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Flat feet

Very low arched feet which are often painful and unstable during standing or walking.

Flat Feet Blog

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Ligament injuries and joint pain can frequently develop in ankles.

Ankle Blog

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Skin lesions caused by a viral infection.

Warts Blog

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Ingrown toenails

One or both nail edges grown into the skin of the toe.

Ingrown Toenails Blog

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Hammer toes

Retraction of toes causing painful rubbing against the shoe or the ground.

Hammer Toes Blog

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Dislocation of the big toe joint that makes shoe uncomfortable to wear.

Bunions Blog

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Heel spurs & plantar fasciitis

Heel pain that often involves the arch of the foot.

Heel spurs & plantar fasciitis Blog

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Diabetes and poor circulation (vascular disease)

Both unstable diabetes and poor circulation can have very serious effects on foot and ankle health.

Diabetes and poor circulation (vascular disease) Blog


Inflammation, pain and swelling of a tendon of the foot or ankle.

Tendonitis Blog

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High arched feet

Feet with very high arches often develop range of foot or ankle symptoms including pain and instability.

High Arched Feet Blog